Fine Adjustment Manual Wire-cut EDM Vise Clamp Fixture 804

Precision EDM Vise can be fine adjustment on X Y Z direction



Fine Adjustment Manual Wire-cut EDM Vise 804


  • This precision wire cut EDM vise is used in conjunction with high precision accessory.
  • Super cold treating the stainless steel material after heat treatment, makes the rustless tools easy to be maintained and preserve lasting precision.
  • The vise can be adjusted up and down, left and right. (X, Y, Z) front and back to make parallelism.
  • The sliding tailstock is fixed by double end bolt. Their lifetime is three to five times than traditional products. After matching the standard general spare parts, the maintenance cost of time is saved.


  • Parallelism within: 100mm/2um
  • Squareness within: 100mm/3um
  • Material: SUS440C
  • Hardness: HRC50-55
  • Clamp range: 0-100/130/160mm

Model A B C D Max. Loading Capacity
EPT-804-100 240 22 145 100 8 kg
EPT-804-130 270 22 149 130 10 kg
EPT-804-160 310 23 160 160 15 kg